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Innovative Solutions
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Smart Investment
Together we work to augment your business return
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Ultimate Reliability
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Uptime Intelligence

Who we are

Uptime Intelligence (Uptime-i) is a group of experts in the maintenance and reliability of industrial equipment. We have a wide experience in multiple fields such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Heavy Industries… etc.

We are working to support our clients to achieve their business objectives in order to grow their investment return through multiple approaches such as training, consultancy, field services, and supplying products of our prominent OEM partners.


What Uptime Offers

We work with our customers to boost their plant reliability. We provide them with coaching and consultancy to have a safer work environment as well as cutting their cost. We believe that the benefits of reliability are more than just increasing profit; reliability makes your plant a great place to work.

We provide our customers with technical support through wide range of maintenance technologies which are used by highly skilled professionals. We are always very keen to respond to customers need 24/7.

We are keen to have a partnership with OEMs with high quality products that meets our costumers’ reliability excellence. As we believe that reliability should be a successful investment, we provide our customers with products which consider Life Cycle Cost (LCC) rather than Purchasing Cost.

We believe that human errors as well as lack of competency are major challenges in the journey of implementing a successful reliability program.  We support our customers to perform gap analysis and set their Learning and Development (L&D) strategy in accordance. We also utilise the latest technologies to develop highly effective learning aids.