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Uptime Intelligence is an authorized distribute for Bolden in Egypt, Boulden Company has grown into a global distributor of DuPontTM Vespel®️ CR-6100 which is a composite material manufactured from Teflon®️ PFA and carbon fibers.

Due to its excellent dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and large temperature range, DuPontTM Vespel®️ CR-6100 can replace metal, carbon, bronze, and other composite materials for use in pump wear rings, vertical pump shaft bearings, throat bushings, throttle bushings and similar wear parts in centrifugal pumps.

Below are some of the properties of Vespel®️ CR-6100 which make it ideal for rotating equipment wear components:

  • Temperature capabilities
  • from cryogenic to 500°F (260°C)
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion less than carbon steel (in the x-y plane)
  • Near-universal chemical compatibility
  • Ease of machining and installation
  • Always in stock